How to make an outline for an essay?

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Before doing any academic work, you need to clearly consider what you will write about. In addition, it is important to know in what order to do it. That is why it will never be superfluous to make a preliminary outline for writing an essay. You can do it each time before starting work, or you can have one universal option that will help you out all the time. This universal outline was made for you by our portal specialists who have solid experience in performing a variety of educational activities. Therefore, using it, you can write a brilliant essay.

How to make an outline for writing an essay

Any essay has its own requirements for writing, as well as the structure that must be followed. As a matter of fact, we will begin with it. So, traditionally in the essay includes:

  • Introduction with a problem or topic
  • The main part of the presentation of theses and arguments
  • Conclusion with a detailed conclusion

Given this structure, many students think that the essay itself is written the same way, according to the order. However, this is not quite the right approach. Often, those who choose such an outline for writing an essay can be very bad. Starting to write an introduction, the student puts forward a certain idea, then begins to randomly present some theses, to “pull by the ears” arguments, and often he is carried away to some unknown and given abstract reasoning. And in the conclusion we see absolutely not what was required to prove. Common situation? Probably for many, yes. And all because you need to adhere to a slightly different outline.

At the initial stage of writing an essay, you should think about exactly what thought you want to convey. This will be the main “backbone” of your work. Then an introduction is written in which this position is described in detail. What to do next? Think to start theses? And no! Think about the withdrawal. This is the secret of a successful essay. When you begin to write it, you should already know what you are done with, and then bring the theses with arguments to this idea. This is similar to the thread on which you sequentially string the beads. And as in an elegant necklace, these “beads” should harmoniously blend with each other. That is, between the theses an inner semantic unity should be felt.

When the essay, along with all its key elements, is ready, it is too early to rewrite it into a piece of paper. First you need to thoroughly read and verify. And then think about how to make it even better. I.e:

  • Cut off the excess, making it more concise
  • Make the language more colorful using metaphors, allegories, associations, paradoxes
  • Give narrative ease
  • Evaluate whether the text is enough expresses your position, individuality

In the process of writing an essay, there may be various difficulties, students may make mistakes. One of them is excessive verbosity, tightness, casting of water. This should not be allowed. Let it be better you write less in volume, but qualitatively. Adhering to the described outline, you will be able to write an essay more deliberately and not face this problem.