Essay Assessment Criteria

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If you are not writing an essay on your own, but on the instructions of a teacher, he will definitely evaluate it (how to write an essay correctly, read the article “Rules for writing an essay”). Of course, I want to get the highest score, and for this you need to know what criteria it will check. All this is well known to our authors, who write such works day after day. We give quality guarantees and vouch for them, as we select and accredit them personally. In addition, the customers themselves leave feedback on the work of the authors that make up the rating. So you can, based on it, choose a personal specialist.

In any case, we suggest you to get acquainted with some of the criteria that teachers rely upon when checking the essay.

1. The degree of understanding the theoretical material

  • clarity of the concepts under consideration, their completeness;
  • availability of relevant examples;
  • all concepts must be strictly on the topic; moderate emotionality (do not turn essays into diary entries)

2. Analytical part of the essay

  • competent analysis of the problem is carried out;
  • analysis techniques are diverse (comparison, synthesis, etc.) and used correctly;
  • there is a different, alternative point of view on the problem;
  • there is a personal attitude to the problem.

3. The logic of judgment

  • a logical connection between theses is traced;
  • Evidence clearly arises from judgment.
  • The statement is clear and precise;
  • All essays should be in the same style.

Your work must be unique. Try to find such a detail in the problem that no one noticed. Then this work will definitely interest the teacher, and he will be much more loyal in evaluating your essay.

Students are often given various creative tasks to unlock their potential. However, many have a question about how to write an essay in order to get the highest score for it. The advice given in this publication will help you to make work correctly and to arrange it correctly. They were composed of experienced performers of various educational assignments who are well acquainted with the requirements for writing essays and other works.

In order to write an essay on a given or a free topic, you first need to understand it in detail. If this is a work of art, read it carefully. No less useful is also knowledge of the author’s biography. It is important to know in what style this work is written, to be able to appreciate the unity of form and content.